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Installations and process

17.000m2 distributed on two manufacturing plants

The VAUSTE plant is located in Gijón, in a traditionally industrial region, and next to a motorway enclave that connects with all of Europe. It is located 15 minutes from the port of Gijón and 30 minutes from Asturias airport. The distance from the border of Irún to France is 4 hours.


Our facilities are about 17,000m2, distributed on two floors, where the production areas, laboratories and offices are located

VAUSTE  |  Manufacture of ...

VAUSTE  |  Manufacture of ...

We have the most advanced equipment in our sector and a very flexible production capacity, which allows us to adapt to the demands of our customers and to develop fully customized components:

  • Robotized welding lines.
  • Induction tempering systems.
  • Nickel plating and chrome plating.
  • Automatic machines for the assembly of the valves.
  • On-line control systems for the configuration of 100% of the assembled units.
  • Autoforesis painting plant.
  • Electrostatic painting plant.

VAUSTE  |  Manufacture of ...

LocationAvda. de Oviedo 16-18
33211 Gijón (Asturias), Spain
PhoneTel. +34 985 38 34 00
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LocationPolígono de Roces V
c/ Fahrenheit, 142
33211 Gijón, Asturias
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