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Our manufacturing is based on sustainability and environmental commitment

VAUSTE's environmental commitment translates into the legal compliance of the environmental requirements attributable to its activity, by setting control parameters and seeking continuous improvement to reduce its negative impact on the environment.


In the productive process, we advocate an efficient consumption of water and energy. Products with a high durability and that generate minimum residue are used. For example, we use cutting fluids and soluble machining lubricants such as taladrine, especially developed by Henkel, which allows continuous reuse for many months.

VAUSTE  |  Manufacture of ...

Chemicals are received and stored in a specific and isolated area, following the criteria established by the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI). The process of painting by autophoresis is done with an innocuous paint, without any kind of environmental implication.


VAUSTE has the prestigious international ISO 14001 certification, since 2003, which establishes a series of procedures and instructions on how to deal with an environmental emergency, how to manage waste, how the water plant works and controls to be carried out, etc.


The plant also has the Integrated Environmental Authorization No. AAI-109/14, the highest environmental requirement, derived from national and European legislation, which establishes a series of guidelines on prevention and environmental control (atmosphere, water, waste, soils,  ...), thus guaranteeing that VAUSTE complies with the current environmental regulations 100%.


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